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Hey it actually works! Hack Lab Enabled.

You know when you trying to solve a problem, you try so many different options, enter different parameters, edit the configuration files and eventually hit that proverbial brick wall? You search every forum and every newsgroup post and you can’t find that golden information that solves your problem. Well there is nothing like a good nights … Continue reading

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When you hit a brick wall, you have to try harder!

Ok so last night was 90 percent successful in the setup of the Hack Lab. I was able to setup the local network in VMWare but was struggling with the install of Smoothwall Express 3.0. It seems there is an issue running it in VMWare with a virtual SCSI drive, so I decided to download … Continue reading

Hack Lab for CEH Exam

Ok so now the first stage to get ready for the exam is to create a lab where we can run all the funky tools that are supplied with the CEH course. There are approximately 300 tools available to play with so you will need some time to go through them all.   Here is … Continue reading

Google Hacking Database

Ok folks so this is the first link to a very useful site hosted at Exploit Database — it is the more up to date use of Google Hacking searches that was originally created by infamous security expert Johnny Long who runs the Hackers for Charity organization.  This is an extremely useful technique of extracting … Continue reading

Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Preparation

As I am currently studying for the 312-50 CEH exam I have decided to share some of the knowledge that I am learning with the course. This will serve as a review source for me and for others who are interested in the exam.  I am looking for other people to share some tips for … Continue reading

Back from the brink

Hola and a belated Merry Christmas. I have been ill all last week so the blogs have been sparce to say the least. I am back to 90 percent form and will be posting some new blogs this week. There is some news on the Julian Assange case which I am very interested in which … Continue reading

Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) beats Julian Assange (Wikileaks) to Time´s Person of the Year

So it really comes as no surprise that the man who brought Facebook to the world is now the Time magazine “Person of the Year.” Who would the american public really want on the front cover? Mark Zuckerburg who brought 500 million people together in an extremely clever website of information sharing or Julian Assange … Continue reading

Would you like fries with our customer database?

An unknown number of personal details about McDonald’s customers was exposed after hackers broke into the database of a partner of the burger giant. Miscreants may have made off with email, contact information and birthdates as a result of the breach. Fans of the fast food franchise supplied the information when they signed up for … Continue reading

FBI Holiday Shopping Tips

When I was investigating the phishing scam methods in the previous post I found a link on the FBI website regarding scams during the holiday season. With Christmas almost two weeks away, fraudulent activity is on the rise. Forewarned is forearmed.