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Back from the brink

Hola and a belated Merry Christmas. I have been ill all last week so the blogs have been sparce to say the least. I am back to 90 percent form and will be posting some new blogs this week. There is some news on the Julian Assange case which I am very interested in which I will be following up also.

The interesting angle on the Wikileaks story is not really about Julian Assange and the Wikileaks website but how was it possible for Bradley Manning, a US soldier,  to be able to walk away with top secret documents on a CDRW?

The most embarrassing  point for the US is the breach of security but this is hardly mentioned in the press. What I find ironic is the attention that Julian Assange is getting when the real issue is how was it possible for a soldier to get the information out of the system in the first place. Obviously they were able to trace the breach back to the soldier, apparently only by an admission by Adrian Lamo, another hacker who turned informant with the US government. Did theyhave endpoint security controls in place to prevent the breach in the first place? I doubt we will ever know those precise details.

What this basically proves again is that humans are the weakest links in security. Really if this type of breach can occur at this level, what other secrets are being leaked out of the US government by internal staff?



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