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Hack Lab for CEH Exam

Ok so now the first stage to get ready for the exam is to create a lab where we can run all the funky tools that are supplied with the CEH course. There are approximately 300 tools available to play with so you will need some time to go through them all.   Here is my plan for the CEH lab using VMWare Workstation 7 on a Windows 7 host. This lab will eventually become my security research lab for future training.

1 Windows Server 2003 – SP2 — domain controller running IIS — 256MB RAM

1 Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS — 512MB RAM

1 Windows XP Pro — Attack machine loaded with windows hack tools — 512MB RAM

1 Backtrack 4 R2 — Attack machine fully loaded with Nessus — 512MB RAM

1 Smoothwall Express 3.0 firewall running OpenVPN  — 1GB RAM

What I would like to achieve with this setup is the ability to do some funky testing using Reverse SSH tunneling to my external router. For this exercise I am attempting to setup my router with DynDNS so that I can see the router even if it changes its dynamic IP address. I don´t have a static address so I am going to work out how that works.

For the rest of the lab the networking setup will be done mainly in a closed environment except when I need to update Nessus, Metasploit and do the obvious security updates.

I will continue to add notes to this lab setup as I go as I know there will be some tweaks required to get the dynamic DNS settings correct on my router.  I also want to utilize the Smoothwall firewall to improve the security of the internal network which is connected to the wireless router.

Future additions will include open source SIEM virtual appliances such as AlienVault (cool name!) which will handle the sys log and event log management. I think I will need another computer to run this as I will run out of RAM pretty soon!

Fingers crossed all goes well…more news coming soon!




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