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Hey it actually works! Hack Lab Enabled.

You know when you trying to solve a problem, you try so many different options, enter different parameters, edit the configuration files and eventually hit that proverbial brick wall? You search every forum and every newsgroup post and you can’t find that golden information that solves your problem. Well there is nothing like a good nights sleep to cure all and get that EUREKA moment when you try something in the settings, apply the change and VOILA you get connected!

That happened to me this morning when I tried something different with the FW. I tried three different distributions of Open Source Firewall and had no luck but then changed the setting in the new virtual FW this morning in VMWare and now I am able to route my virtual servers through to the Wireless Router, all protected by the FW. The best part is now I can set this up at home and allow VPN access to my external router address from anywhere in the world. A future project will be to setup an SSH server so I can perform Reverse SSH connections.

I set up the Ubuntu 10.10 server as my DNS, Samba and Apache Server and have setup some basic firewall rules using IPTables to protect the server.  The Windows Server 2003 virtual machine is basically setup to run Nessus and serves as a basic file server. Eventually I will install Windows Server 2008 as well to complement the Windows machines, but to be honest once you get your hands on Ubuntu Linux there really is no need to go back to Windows. But for testing and security research purposes you need to have a variety of OS’s to test new exploits on before going into a live environment.

Another nice addition to the lab will be the implementation of Snort IDS and have that integrated into a SIEM platform for event log analysis.  I have one in mind but that will be another future blog post.

Onwards and upwards!



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