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Anonymous calls UK arrests a “Declaration of War”

I´m back from a hectic week of knee deep design work and it´s Friday so I have found 20 minutes to update the site with some news.

Following on the heels of news reports that five young men have been arrested in the U.K. in an investigation into distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks initiated by the international script-kiddie movement, Anonymous issued a ridiculous press release which states that they consider the arrests to be a “serious declaration of war”:

Click here to see the Press Release

The press release goes on to state that a DDoS attack is akin to a peaceful protest, and explains the difference between “hacking” and denial of service attacks, which can be summed up simply as: Hacking takes a high level of skill and DDoS attacks only require a high level of angst.

DDoS attacks are a form of censorship, plain and simple, and they are used to prevent the free flow of information.

Distributed denial of service campaigns can incur significant costs for the targets, and also result in collateral damage to third party nodes not targeted in the attack.

The fact that the attacks undertaken by members of Anonymous seek to be clandestine in nature negates any valid comparison to true acts of civil disobedience and public protest in which participants openly put themselves and their reputations on the line to fight for what they believe in.

Anonymous DDoS attacks are anarchistic acts of censorship fueled by a mob mentality similar to that seen in a mass book burning.

This latest press release provides more insight into the youthful arrogance of the Anonymous movement, and should serve as a warning to parents everywhere to have a serious talk with their children about the dangers involved in associating with this group.



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