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RSA recent hack places doubt on the security of RSA SecurID product

Huge news recently when RSA announced that information relating to their RSA SecurID Two-Factor authentication was stolen by hackers in what they are calling an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). ┬áThe highly sophisticated attack has now put the use of their patented two-factor authentication techology in doubt. RSA are not releasing the specific type of information … Continue reading

Article – Securing Smartphones in the Enterprise

I wrote this article for Magazcitum in Mexico City. That version will be in Spanish but here is the full article in English. We are consumers of information and we live and share our lives online. We live in a world where the demand for access to information on a mobile platform is increasing at … Continue reading

Jumping the intellectual rope

I have not been blogging since the CEH exam. I guess my brain was expanding with all the information and now that it has time to deflate a bit I have been able to catch up on the news in IT Security. I also conducted a presentation in Mexico City which was demonstrating the dangers … Continue reading