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If you can’t find a key, use a hammer…

Where there is a lock there is always a key and if you can’t get find a key use a hammer. If that does not work, blow the door off. This type of mindset is the foundation of how malicious attackers look at your network. There are no rules or regulations governing an attacker. There … Continue reading

Creepy – Geolocation Information Aggregator

Creepy is an application that allows you to gather geolocation related information about users from social networking platforms and image hosting services. The information is presented in a map inside the application where all the retrieved data is shown accompanied with relevant information (i.e. what was posted from that specific location) to provide context to … Continue reading

CEH Testimonial online

The ECCouncil contacted me last week to inform me that my testimonial is featured on the CEHBLOG website — http://www.cehblog.com/Testimonials/Testimonials.php#SpencerScottCEH

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