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CEH Testimonial online

The ECCouncil contacted me last week to inform me that my testimonial is featured on the CEHBLOG website — http://www.cehblog.com/Testimonials/Testimonials.php#SpencerScottCEH Advertisements

Securing Smartphones in the Enterprise

It’s just struck midnight and the official deadline for the next article in Magazcitum is now closed.  The next article is a description of the risks corporations must face when implementing Smartphones in ther business. More smartphones are lost each year than laptops and for that reason post a significant threat of data loss when … Continue reading

Hey it actually works! Hack Lab Enabled.

You know when you trying to solve a problem, you try so many different options, enter different parameters, edit the configuration files and eventually hit that proverbial brick wall? You search every forum and every newsgroup post and you can’t find that golden information that solves your problem. Well there is nothing like a good nights … Continue reading

When you hit a brick wall, you have to try harder!

Ok so last night was 90 percent successful in the setup of the Hack Lab. I was able to setup the local network in VMWare but was struggling with the install of Smoothwall Express 3.0. It seems there is an issue running it in VMWare with a virtual SCSI drive, so I decided to download … Continue reading

Hack Lab for CEH Exam

Ok so now the first stage to get ready for the exam is to create a lab where we can run all the funky tools that are supplied with the CEH course. There are approximately 300 tools available to play with so you will need some time to go through them all.   Here is … Continue reading

Google Hacking Database

Ok folks so this is the first link to a very useful site hosted at Exploit Database — it is the more up to date use of Google Hacking searches that was originally created by infamous security expert Johnny Long who runs the Hackers for Charity organization.  This is an extremely useful technique of extracting … Continue reading

Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Preparation

As I am currently studying for the 312-50 CEH exam I have decided to share some of the knowledge that I am learning with the course. This will serve as a review source for me and for others who are interested in the exam.  I am looking for other people to share some tips for … Continue reading